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Ten thousand of me [1v1, with CP, wear quickly] (6th Dec 22 at 1:26am UTC)
He raised his head and looked at Li You with an uncertain expression. Finally, he sighed and said, "Li You, I want to ask you one last thing." "I don't agree." "But I haven't said yet." "I have guessed what you want." "Then why don't you agree?" Li You smiled contemptuously at him. "Because your sins have not been atoned for, you don't deserve to die at all, nor do you deserve to follow a woman you don't deserve." The colorless eyes twinkled a few times. "We could have been a match." "You could have lived happily in the world for a hundred or eighty years." "But I ruined what should have been good." "Maybe this is your punishment." "I don't admit it." Holding Xue Yan's body in his arms, he stood up and looked at Li You and said, "I don't admit it. It's just a coincidence. Nothing is doomed, and nothing is so-called punishment. Retribution doesn't exist from the beginning." Li You said, "But even if you don't admit it, you killed the person you shouldn't have killed." Colorless silence. It was a long time before he said, "I made a mistake." "You miscalculated more than one step?" Li You looked at him contemptuously. "You were wrong from the beginning." Later, he was sent to prison, but he escaped without being noticed. He disappeared in Jianghu as if he had disappeared from the world. At this time, a new monk came to a remote small temple, with a beautiful face, as beautiful as a woman. The monk has never said a word since he came, and he sweeps the floor and chants sutras silently every day. At first, some young monks may be curious about him and ask questions around him, but as the days go by,non standard fasteners, the new monk gradually becomes an old man, and the young monk becomes an old monk. He has never said a word in his life and has long been regarded as a poor mute. It was not until the day of his death that he thought: If there is really a God, if there is really a Buddha, please let him go to the world with Xue Yan. This time he will not make mistakes again, this time he will be a good man-if only for her. There seems to be something crackling in my ears, colorless and gradually open my eyes, the first thing I see is a squatting in front of me,car radiator cap, wearing a purple skirt on the back of the buttocks, and then look up, it is a slender waist, white and tender back neck, familiar updo.. Isn't it Xue Yan? She was poking at the fire with a small stick. Colorless closed his eyes, showing a light smile: "The dream just now is really unreasonable, how can he go to prison?"? Then he put his hand around the waist of the woman in front of him, and with an exclamation, Xue Yan was dragged back to the blanket and poured into the colorless arms. She turned around and smiled, looked at the man who had woken up, tapped his forehead and said, "Why are you so interested in the morning?" Colorless stretched out a hand to touch her cheek, looked at the outline of her face, and asked in a trance, car radiator cap ,metal stamping parts, "Is that you?" Xue Yan looked at him without knowing why: "Ah?" What kind of fun? But then he came to his senses, looked her in the eye and said earnestly, "When I was twelve years old, that is, nine years ago, was it you who took off your clothes and came to me and was happy with me in the woods?" "Twelve years old.." Nine years ago.. Xue Yan's face showed a shocked look. Colorless looked at her with a vague expectation. Xue Yan covered her mouth in surprise and said, "So you are only twenty-one years old?!"! Wow, it's so small. I thought you.. I thought I was twenty-three or twenty-four years old, but are you only twenty-one years old? Am I not three years older than you? But as the saying goes, the female junior holds the gold brick. "I asked if it was you," he said sternly. Xue Yan was startled, with a slight grievance in her eyes, and said with a low expression: "If I say I am, you can certainly see that I lie, right?"? I didn't expect you.. When you were so young.. Are you disappointed that I'm not her? She raised her head and looked at colorless with a forced smile. But he looked at her with a sigh of relief and said, "How could it be?" He pressed Xue Yan's head on his chest, pressed her face and eyes, his voice was very gentle, but his face was expressionless: "You are you, not anyone.".
” But Xue Yan, who was held in his arms, sighed in her heart. Ha ha, originally wanted to take this as a card to molest colorless, but now this guy has seen it. If you say that you are at this time, then the colorless who has not fallen in love with her will put her obsession with that woman on herself, then she will never be able to tell whether colorless loves herself or not. Damn it, how could colorless find out for no reason? Xue Yan was so angry that she wanted to grind her teeth. But since the impulse to deny, then forget it, anyway, she did not intend to let colorless to themselves. Eh? Xue Yan suddenly remembered that she didn't just want to flirt with colorless people, but when did she begin to seriously think about the question of whether to love or not? At this time, colorless raised her head, she was stunned, looked at colorless, colorless smiled, and then pressed her head and kissed her. In an instant, Xue Yan's IQ became paste again. It doesn't matter whether he loves it or not. It's good to be sweet now. Anyway, we have to break up. We'll talk about it when the time comes. It's good to follow my heart now. I can play one day at a time. Jarvis: … *** you, follow your heart! (╯‵′)╯︵┻┻ Wait for two people to kiss enough, Xue Yan just remembered oneself and colorless had not washed. Probably because colorless is a vegetarian, just now colorless mouth and no smell, she hurriedly secretly hid aside their breath to smell, um. It smells a little like the roast chicken we ate last night? She didn't dislike herself. If it was someone else, she probably thought it was true love. With this in mind,deep draw stamping, she took out a soft brush and a water bag and went outside the mountain temple to wash her face and brush her teeth. Soon after, colorless also came to brush her teeth with her, and she looked up and smiled at colorless with a guilty conscience. Colorless say to her suddenly however: "So roast chicken is such flavour." 。
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